Choosing Materials Paper Packaging Box

If you want to book a packing box | paper bags cheap | cardboard packaging custom we recommend to read first a brief description of the types of paper below that allows you to select paper materials for later loaded on a form provided on the page How to Order .Materials paper are commonly used as an ingredient Dus Packaging 1. Marga |Duplex gramasi available: 250gr, 310gr, 350Gr

Exterior white, Pabrik kardus inside gray (standard material commonly used for a wide variety of carton packaging)
Description: No 3 gramasi available, gramasi 210gr commonly used for product packaging that is not heavy and with a size smaller dimensions, for dus rice or boxes of brownies usually use gramasi 310gr, however it is not uncommon boxes of rice that uses gramasi 250gr to save costs, paper material clan with gramasi 350Gr usually for packaging that want to show the impression of premium such as cartons for gloves or packing box batik.

2. Ivory
gramasi available:
210gr, 230gr, 260gr

Beyond the white (more premium than paper clan)

Description: Paper ivory will also feature the premium impression suitable for use as food packaging such premium packing box cake that has a mid-market segmentation to the top, there are 3 options gramasi, the thicker the more premium.

Materials paper that is commonly used as an ingredient paper Bag | Paperbag
1. Samson Kraft
gramasi available:
125gr, 150gr

The brown color like the color of cement sacks
Description: Paper Samson Kraft paper is the most commonly used material for Paper Bag / Paperbag cost, impression that vintage suitable for bag packing any product, at a cheaper price is very fitting as a replacement for plastic bags which are less environmentally friendly, to use a heavier product gramasi heavier paper.

2. Art Paper
gramasi available:
100gr, 125gr

Beyond the crisp white

Description: Paper artpaper often used as a paper brochure but can also be used for materials Paper Bag | Paperbag’s because gramasi thin can be used as an alternative to samson kraft paper.

3. Ivory
gramasi available:
210gr, 230gr, 260gr

Beyond the white (more premium than paper clan)
Description: Paper ivory is also used for paper packing box can also be used as a Paper Bag / Paperbag, gramasi used is 210gr and 230gr, in order to further increase the premium impression you can add laminate glossy or matte.

These types of cartons are commonly used to make cardboard Packaging
1. Corrugated Single Wall
Thickness: 3 mm

It only has one layer of corrugated board (one corrugated sheet)
Description: Suitable for packing or packaging products that are not too heavy and not easily damaged / broken when exposed to collision or fall.

2. Corrugated Double Wall
Thickness: 6 mm

Having two layers of corrugated board (two corrugated sheet)
Description: Suitable for packing or packaging products are heavy and easily damaged / broken, it is safer to use cardboard double wall for these items from the risk of damage due to collision or fall.

How to Choose the Best Second DSLR Camera For Beginners 4

Check Function Battery
Battery is one of the things you look carefully, because if the battery problem DSLR cameras are definitely too uncomfortable to use. check what is normal batteries or battery is dropped, do not forget to ask the seller, whether the battery is original or has been replaced Third Party / false. Check the function of charge if the battery is still working or are not working.

Image result for tips memilih kamera dslr

Check Memory Function
Checks the memory capacity and functionality, by emptying the entire contents of the memory, then immediately you use to take photos of 5 to 10 times and lamgsung view the images on the LCD screen, then transfer the photo files on the laptop.

Try to look carefully at the computer, if for example, the memory is started there is damage, usually: photos will not be appropriate on the amount you take, from 1 to 2 photos there that can not be opened, photo only perform half the picture, and there is also a half photo with gray.

Check Function Shutter Count
Check Shutter Count or the number of image capture on the camera. For your Nikon camera utilizes software called Opanda, from there you can know Shutter Count on the camera. For Canon cameras usually be checked to Graha Canon or try to find an alternative wrote their own checks on a Google search. If it’s been a lot of cameras Shutter Count mark is often used, and also the age of the camera is low because there are restrictions Shutter Count on DSLR cameras and limits it differently on each type.

Camera Semi Pro DSLR usually have Shutter 150ribu up 200ribu, For instance on the camera Shutter Count has reached 50ribu, the remaining life of the camera approximately 100ribu the photo again, from there we suggest you to buy a DSLR camera scars that still had Shutter Count under 30k ,

Tips on choosing a good Skateboard

for the nubie usually confused to choose the “skateboarding like how nice for me?”, or nanya “friend to choose a good skate board, there is a little info that I would love to pick a good skateboard:
Image result for tips memilih skateboard
Choosing Deck (board)
the most important thing in choosing a deck is jual skateboard online the board that makes us comfortable, and the style of skating what will we play. Deck has a variety of sizes:
  •  Micro has a width of 6.5 “- 6.75”; length of 27.2 “-27.6” and height under 3’4 “are recommended for riders under 5 years
  • Mini has an width of 7.0 “; length of 28” and a height between 3’5 “and 4’4” is recommended for riders aged 6 to 8 years.
  • Mini-size has a width of 7.3 “; a length of 29” and a height between 4’5 “and 5’2” Recommended for riders aged 9 to 12 years
  •    Full-size has a width of 7.5 “or higher, according to the style of play riders adult. For riders who love Street Skating usually using deck measuring 7.5” to 8 “. For riders who play on ramps, pools usually use the deck measuring 8.0” until 8:25 “. For riders who play in pools, vert, old school and prefer long crusing deck 8:25 or more.
choose a truck
as well as the deck, trusk also has some size. It should be noticed to select truck depending on the width of the deck, because if it is too short of a deck would be difficult to drive, and if it is too long from the deck, it will be difficult for steered. truck-sized low recommended for small-sized wheels around 50-55mm. High direkomendarikan for large-sized wheels 56mm upwards. and mid to every type of player.

choosing wheels
wheels or wheel size, color and hardness varies. diameter and hardness affects the way play depends on the style riders.semakin skate8 harder then ever faster, bekitu Conversely, the slower the more mushy.but mushy will be attached to the floor, making it difficult to revert,
to the size of 52mm down (small) suitable for trick play. 52-55mm slower and stable, suitable for small riders and playing tricks. 56-60mm is suitable for beginners. 60mm (large) nice to play on rough terrain

choose a bearing
for bearing skate8 usually the same size, only the type and brand that makes it different. bearing skate8 have ABEC standards. High smakin ABEC usually be more expensive. No kind ABEC 7, ABEC 5 and ABEC 3.

Other equipment
for other equipment such as griptape, riserpad and hardware consisting of bolts and nuts to unify the truck and the deck should also be in the know.

Griptape like sandpaper that are in the top layer of the deck to help us glide and do the trick.
Riserpad itself has a function to dampen vibration wheel to reduce the risk of cracking and hardware deck apart.
Hardware consists of 8 nuts and bolts 8

How to build a fireplace?

Fire – this is one of the elements charming, attractive, helping to create an atmosphere of comfort, warmth, rest, relaxation and comfort, it is not surprising that the construction of the fireplace hearth so popular. If previously built only in suburban homes, but now they can be installed and in city apartments.

How to build a fireplace?

Before turning to the question of how to fireplace mantel ideas build a fireplace, you need to decide on the location, because it affects the comfort of rest and harmony room .often placed on one end of the fire or elongated wall.

With a width of 3.5 meters from the fireplace room will be stirred at longitudinal wall, in a small room – at the end of wall .If desired, you can install a corner fireplace, but it should be noted that the seating by the fireplace restricted sector 90 degree. If room overlooking a beautiful view, fireplace, if possible, it is desirable to place near one of the windows, which will be during the holidays to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

it is important to organize a recreation area near the fireplace: a room or terrace, comfortable chairs, benches, sofas or sofa, coffee table small. For room with fireplace is best to choose the ideal coverage local. Light hanging lamp or floor lamp with low power that is not be intrusive, full, to enjoy life to the flame.

How to build a fireplace yourself?

Fireplaces come in three types – and mounted, built into the wall and stand bebas.Built-in fireplace plans for building design and construction process that allows you to build a fireplace, even in a room kecil.Terlampir and freestanding fireplace can be installed in buildings already completed.

The main structural parts of the fireplace are:

  • basic;
  • furnaces; body
  • ;
  • kotak asap;
  • chimney.

From the right balance depends on the function of the structural parts of the fireplace. Base fireplace, in many cases, built of brick, rubble, concrete and concrete block wreckage. When fireplace built in parallel with the construction of the lodge, we must remember that the base of the fireplace should not be linked with the basic foundation of the house.

How to build a fireplace with his hands?

foundation for the fireplace is made with a margin of 5 cm long and wide. Line first of the chimney laid the foundation of rubble bricks into the ground, after which the solution poured.housing constructed of fire-resistant materials, for example, high-quality brick red. For stone fireplace housing are often used natural stone (except silica and lime), heat-resistant concrete and block keramik.perangkat furnace

approach requires special.Optimum furnace depth – about 0.5 m. If more depth furnace, reducing the thermal radiation at lower depth there is a chance that smoke will fill room. For improve heat radiation back wall should be spread with a slight slope to the front and walls side – with some extensions to the opening sweep.

Paul spread the furnace with refractory materials – granite, clinker, betonom.Dymosbornik – is the bottom of the chimney has a form piramida.him, the cold air is prevented to lower the chimney.

During the construction of the fireplace special attention should be paid to fire prevention: isolate the chimney of the wood flooring and interior items asbestos gaskets, floor near the fireplace to put fire. Distance resistant material between the fireplace and wood coatings must be at least 25-30 cm.

10 Tips for Buying a mirrorless camera part 2

2. Buy the mirrorless camera because of its small size!

Many articles that tout sized mirrorless camera that light and practical. In my opinion, the language of marketing that is misleading. Sure, the camera body size mirrorless smaller than a DSLR camera, but still it is not petite pocket camera. Especially when compared to cameras like the GoPro action camera or Xiaomi Yi. …. So practically, I often insert pocket camera / action cam to the slim fit jeans pocket. Mirrorless camera? Not sure.

Image result for tips memilih kamera dslr

Most mirrorless cameras on the market is that the lens mirrorless camera can be changed (interchangable-lens camera) for these types of cameras is often sought after photographers. This type of lens mirrorless camera weighs almost the same as a DSLR camera. The size of the lens was also almost the same.

There is still slim size camera lens, the lens is usually called a pancake . It also does not help in beating practicality mirrorless camera pocket camera and cam action. However, the mirrorless camera is still the best alternative for photography enthusiasts who do not want to carry a DSLR camera fat.

If you want to get serious in the world of photography and want to have a camera that ‘pretty’ light and practical, buy a mirrorless camera. If you want a camera with a body weight is balanced by a heavy camera lens and no problem bringing a camera that fat, then choose a DSLR. If you do not care about the quality of the image and prefer practicality, then choose a pocket camera or action camera .

3. Features required a mirrorless camera

In my opinion, there are some features that are required in mirrorless cameras, namely:

– Can create photo and video recording (yes  …)

– Sensor camera minimal 4/3 (four thirds)

– Shutter speed must be 30 seconds above (important for night / dark). Shutter speed also should be a fraction of a thousand seconds down to capture fast-moving objects.

– Autofocus is fast. In order not to lose the moment.

– ISO huge with noise (rough spots) bit. Usually noise appears in ISO 1600. Choose a camera with the least noise.

– Features a burst of fast-moving objects.

The following features are not required , but fun if you have one:

– Wifi and bluetooth. So that images can be directly transferred to the phone and for the purpose of remote shutter

– GPS. Somewhat important does create a traveler for marking the location of photos

Focus peaking (focus with the camera will mark the lines thereby minimizing any object in focus)

– Touch screen

– Photo panorama and timelapse

– Having a microUSB slot for recharging batteries. This will make it easier to fill the batteries if exhausted on the way. Just plug it into POWERBANK stay as well as mobile phone charger.

– Face detection. Let the camera work for people who want to focus faces captured.

Features that are not essential , but may also if there is:

– The LCD screen can be rotated to the front, so the photos could increasingly kece selfie ..

– Mode underwater, because the camera settings under different water with the camera settings on the mainland.


Organizing Tips For Comfortable Living And Size Small

How to organize a small living room in order to look spacious and feels comfortable requires technique and neatness.Secondly it is the basis for the formation of a layout in order to obtain the results as expected. In line with the increasing needs of the house from time to time, the size of houses being offered today was also limited. No exception with fireplace mantel ideas screens room for example the kitchen, the family room is multifunctional as the dining room, and living room which is also useful as an area for watching television or a child’s learning. All that would be convenient if a good and proper manner designed it.

I set up a small living room for comfort

Officials refer to President play POKEMON GO .. !!!

how to organize the tiny living room

Things that affect the layout of a living room to make it look spacious and comfortable is on the side wall paint color that is applied as the main color of the walls. Choose a main color is dominant with light elements such as white, beige, gray and yellow. When playing a combination was also required to use a blend of bright pastel colors a sort of yellow and green. How about blue? Blue can also be applied as a paint color combinations, but the condition is not blue or dark blue because it will make the room dark.

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In the picture above is a good and harmonious blend between the light brown and white. Classical elements and “warm” was dominant in the interior of the small living room with desk furniture layout seat sofa with matching color. Placing a large window as an addition to the lighting element is the key that must be applied if you want a mix of the two colors are on the interior of your small living room that seemed comfortable and spacious. Also do not put too much furniture in the room because it will make feel crowded.

A complete guide choosing a digital camera part 3



Often we think to replace the system / camera brand. Of course, many reasons, which I review here.The important thing before changing the system think first whether changing the system because ” the grass is always greener ” or there is no clear advantage of other camera systems that are not available in this camera system. Be aware that replacing the existing camera system means the cost of material and imateril. We must learn to come back and get used to the arrangement of buttons, menus and operations of the camera.

Lumix LX7 has a very large lens aperture is f / 1.4-2.  Ideal for indoor photographed in the dark.

The articles below will probably help you in making decisions

  • The reason for moving the system
  • Three reasons to upgrade the camera
  • Upgrade your camera or lens?


As social networks are more advanced, the human need to always be connected and a variety of on the internet is increasing. For most people, the camera must have wifi or NFC functionality to transfer images from the camera to your phone, tablet or other media. Some are concerned with GPS and geotagging feature for sharing photos and the location where the photo was taken.

After-sales service
What about service after the purchase? If something is broken if no center serve? Do sparepartnya easy and fast? The more well-known and best-selling brand camera, the easier and faster serve. In addition to a certified technician, usually too many technicians are not authorized to sell services and spareparts in a cheaper price.

Built-in flash
There is a camera that has a built-in flash, there is not. Ironically, some of the advanced DSLR camera has no built-in flash so it must use an external flash. In addition to helping lighting, built-in flash can also function as an auxiliary autofocus (in Canon DSLR cameras) and to transmit signals to a wireless trigger flash are located outside of the camera.

Love shooting in adverse weather conditions or extreme environments? Do not forget to look for a camera that is waterproof, dust and freezing temperatures. In addition to the camera, make sure the lens is also weathersealed.

Creative Scene Modes & Effects
For the novice or casual photographers who want practicality in the process photos. Features such as panorama mode, variations of creative filters and effects, auto HDR (to reduce the contrast of scenery), and the mode varied scenes may be important. Especially for those who do not want to learn the techniques of photography and digital imaging. Most compact cameras, mirrorless cameras and digital SLR cameras basic level / starters have these features.

Memory card slot
Nowadays, most cameras accept SD memory card types (secure digital) or / and CF (compact flash).Memory card type SD cards are smaller, and slower than the CF card, but is less expensive and more widely used. Most DSLR Pro CF card put on a more solid and larger capacity. In some advanced DSLR cameras, memory card slot is more than one, the goal can be as back-up, or just for overflow, alias if the memory card in the first pit is full, the next photo will automatically be stored on the memory card both.

Battery grip
Accessories is useful to store extra batteries and also make it easier to hold the camera when taking pictures with a vertical orientation. DSLR cameras usually do not have a battery grip original choice, usually only made by a third party with a weakness that should use a special cable. In most cameras, battery grip can be used to increase the speed of consecutive photos, for example in the Nikon D700 and the Nikon D300s.

Factors to consider in buying a compact camera that can not change lenses

In addition to the size of the image sensor, the following is important to consider before buying a camera that can not change the lens:

The quality of the lens and lens properties is very important to note because the lens can not be replaced like a DSLR camera system. High-quality lenses that typically has a large opening, such as f / 1.4, f / 1.8, f / 2 and f / 2.8. The lens is smaller than f / 2.8 as f / 3, f / 3.5 and so on are considered small. Performance lens to photograph a subject that is close also should be considered, especially if your hobby or subject photographing small details. How close a lens can focus? the closer the better.

Is nice and steady the camera when held, whether the buttons are quite large and quite affordable by the fingers of our hands? And importantly whether the camera can be bagged? If it can be bagged to be more practical to carry anywhere.

Does the camera have flash installed or at least a hot shoe to attach an external flash? Most of us probably do not need a flash when taking pictures, but for those who love taking pictures indoors may occasionally require flash.


What is important to consider before buying a digital camera is the image quality (depending on the size of the image sensor and camera processor generations), performance / speed, ergonomics and ecosystems (completeness lenses, accessories, community). Then consider the type of digital camera (pocket, prosumer, mirrorless, DSLR). Consider limiting factors, such as the funds available, the need for speed, image quality in dark conditions, and special features desired. If you choose a camera that can not change lenses like a compact camera or prosumer, consider the lens quality, ergonomics and completeness. Congratulations researching and buying a camera that fits with your dream.

6 Essential Tips for Organizing Kids Bedroom Part 2

3. Choose Safe Ingredients

For the sake of the child, parents should prioritize the use of quality ingredients in managing a child’s bedroom. Organic material, handmade, modern bedroom sets chemical free and is recommended used as the ultimate choice when choosing furniture, decoration, to the purposes of daily sleep.

arranging a child's bedroom 1

Child’s bedroom will be a break or study room and other important activities. Therefore, there is no harm if the parents are more selective in the choice of higher quality materials and are projected for long-term use.

4. Use the Child Perspective


Prior to determining the location of several major furniture, such as cabinets, drawers or cabinets, for the little ones, try to lower your body position by bending or kneeling on the floor.It is important to get a perspective from a certain height to suit the child’s height.

Wardrobes, desks, storage shelves up objects placed according to the layout of adults sometimes be very difficult for a child to reach objects needs. Therefore, the solution should come first is the visibility and reach of the child’s hand is able to achieve these objects. Lower the hanging rack and avoid high storage cabinets. Also, choose a basket handmade from organic materials that are safe and easy to put on the floor, without disturbing scene.

5. Sorting category Should Definitely.


Instill in children how to arrange the room nice and tidy at all times. You do this by providing a clear separation based on the category of objects in the room. Set aside a certain portion of space for toys and a separate storage. Similarly, the part desks, make sure no objects are jumbled when trimmed after daily use.

Parents can also help children to have a good habit to always remind to lay and store the objects in the space provided. This includes the matter of the closet clothes and sorting according to function. Use labels to name a fireplace can help the process more effective.

6. Involve Children currently Space Organizing Her sleep


If the child when parents opted to organize or tidying her room, will form habits and consciousness in the child to always maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of her own bed.Encourage children to clean up every day and position yourself as an “adviser” and not as a janitor.

Parents often become the primary cleaning expected by the child. However, it is not impossible if the son can be more active and participate in cleaning the room that is important for him this.


GO Pokemon is a game of travel between the real world and the virtual world of Pokemon for the Android and iPhone . With Pokémon GO, you will find many types of Pokemon in coaching. Pokemon GO was developed by Niantic’s Real World Clash Royale Hack Tool Gaming platform and will use real location / GPS to find Pokemon. Pokemon GO allows for the player to catch more than one hundred types of Pokémon that are scattered all over the world.

GO Pokemon games using real world locations such as Hokkaido, Kanto (Japan), New York and Paris as inspiration location of the game in progress. Explore different cities and even around the world to capture as many Pokemon as you can. When walking around, the smartphone will vibrate indicating that you’re near the location of Pokémon.

Upon encountering a Pokémon , you can take the shot and throw the ball Pokemon (Poke-Ball) to catch it. But not all pokemon can be easily captured, they can also run.PokéStops is a place to get items pokeball and other items located in special places, such as monuments, historical markers, and public art.


GO Pokemon game has many interesting features that will make you “feel at home” to play, ranging from feature Customize Trainer, Pokedex, participated in the team, the battle pokemon, pokemon Go Plus, etc. Following are the features GO Pokemon game features more:


Before playing, you can design the player character according to your personality by giving him a wide range of accessories to make it look cool. No character guys and girls that can be used. In addition, the characters you create will be visible to other players.


In Pokémon GO, you will become a Pokemon Trainer, and the higher level you will be able to catch Pokemon more powerful to complete the Pokedex. It also will have access to more powerful items, such as Great Balls, to give it a better chance of catching Pokemon. Continue to explore and confront Pokemon to level up your character.

Some wild Pokémon will appear only in certain places near where you live or worldwide. For example, some types of pokemon Water may appear only near lakes and oceans. Pokemon Pokemon can evolve into Poliwhirl Poliwag example, is also a solution for the difficulties you catch Poliwhirl directly.


Choosing a Digital Camera Tips When Buying in Mall Or Shop 2

LCD size

LCD size becomes an important part to consider when buying a camera. In the market, the size of the LCD is usually 1.5 inches and 2.5 inches. In choosing a camera, you better choose LCD size that is wider.Of course, the wider the size of the camera’s LCD , the more expensive the price offered.

Image result for tips memilih kamera digital

Selection of LCD wider use will greatly help you in taking a picture. You will have a certain satisfaction when using it. Do not be tempted by cheap prices for LCD width. The result of this is your camera’s LCD is not durable. So, you must be smart in choosing this LCD.


In a camera. There are two types of Zoom. First, Digital Zoom and the second is the Optical Zoom. Both zoom is becoming essential in a camera. Therefore, it can enlarge an object image. As the name implies, will enlarge the digital zoom is a digital media. Thus, you no longer need to use the lens as an aid to enlarge it.

While optical zoom means enlarging a size of the object with the help of a lens. So, you can take a picture of the desired size. In the market, there is a size 3 times to 10 times optical zoom. As for the digital zoom,also the same, namely between 3 times to 10 times. To get a good camera, you better mengutakan optimal zoom rather than digital zoom.

Memory card

To be able to look back shots, better choose a card that is compatible with the camera. Thus, the potretan results can be copied to a PC to be remembered. Generally, the memory card of some kind. Among them is the xD, SD, Flash Card, and others. the greater the capacity of the memory card that’s better. You will be able to photograph anything without restrictions. Therefore, at least 1 GB memory card.


In essence, this camera selection is dependent upon your needs. If you are just a student or a student or family needs, the camera class can also be an option. This is done in order to save money and take advantage of existing features as needed. However, if you are using for the profession, better chooseupscale camera to support the career.