Printer Review For Canon Pixma MX410

Canon’s Pixma MX410 shade inkjet multifunction printer provides a traditional collection of budget tradeoffs. For a reduced $100 acquisition rate (as of 06/07/2011), you obtain Wi-Fi connectivity, an automatic paper feeder (ADF) with manual two-sided scanning, and also excellent message output. Features are or else marginal, nevertheless, and the black ink is pricey. In ink prices, Kodak’s ESP C310 is a far better deal in this rate range (albeit with various other constraints).

Canon Pixma MX410
Canon Pixma MX410

The Pixma MX410’s layout, while not modern, is basic. The control board’s LCD is only two-line black and white, however the buttons are logically placed, the menus are simple to browse, and all common functions require just one or more steps at most. Arrangement through USB is a breeze, and you get both a wizard and Wi-Fi Protected Arrangement (WPS) for cordless installation. For another $50 (as of this writing), the Pixma MX420 adds ethernet and fax; or if you do not require any kind of networking, Canon’s Pixma MX360 has just USB.

Besides the 30-sheet ADF, paper handling functions are minimal, with a 100-sheet upright back feed and a front output tray. Duplexing is hands-on, however consists of the ADF– you might scan two-sided documents in just two steps. Unfortunately, duplexing of any kind is not sustained on the Mac.

Just like other Canon printers, text and also monochrome outcome is nothing except fantastic when you print in ideal setting. Even in basic mode, it’s remarkable. The canon pixma mx410 also produces extremely good draft duplicate, albeit at a slower rate compared to we’ve observed on other equipments. Color rendering is smooth, but it carries on Canon’s custom of including an orangish pigmentation to every little thing. For some images, this develops a warm, friendly ambiance, but with human admit it frequently looks like if your topics need to have used spray-on tanner or hefty make-up.

The Pixma MX410’s speed is adequate for residence use. On the PC, web pages being composed primarily of plain text as well as a couple of easy monochrome graphics published at a rate of 5.6 web pages each minute (ppm). Snapshot-size shade images published at a price of 2.3 ppm on plain paper as well as 1.4 ppm on Canon’s very own shiny image paper. While the Mac’s message speed mirrored that on the PC platform, other works– a PDF with a mix of message and also shade graphics on simple paper, and also a full-page shade picture on image paper– were quite a bit slower than average, at 0.7 ppm and 0.3 ppm, specifically– half the rate of the majority of printers in this course.

The Pixma MX410’s ink prices are a little bit above standard. Color’s not the concern: the standard-size tricolor cartridge (cyan, magenta, as well as yellow) sets you back $21.99 and also lasts 244 pages, which works out to a decent 8.6 cents each web page (cpp). The high-yield color costs $27 as well as lasts 346 web pages or 7.7 cpp, also decent. It’s the black inks that are more expensive compared to average: The criterion, 220– page cartridge will establish you back $16, as well as the high-yield one sets you back $22 for 401 web pages. That’s 7.3 or 5.5 cpp respectively– not inexpensive in any case.

Canon’s Pixma MX410 is a suitable light-use selection amongst discounted designs, particularly provided its by hand duplexing ADF– something missing out on from the like-priced Dell V313w and also Epson Stylus NX420. If you publish greater than a few web pages a day, nevertheless, it ‘d be worth your while to get an unit with much better ink rates.

Canon PIXMA MG3550 Review

Canon PIXMA MG3550
Canon PIXMA MG3550

The Canon PIXMA MG3550 is Canon’s newest offering. Intended for the residence or pupil client, it provides basic print, scan as well as copy, yet additionally include cordless assistance and direct print from several mobile phone platforms.

Canon PIXMA MG3550 – Design and Features

We examined the all-black version of the equipment, though white is readily available also and, according to the Canon product gallery, a bright red one could be in the offing. Whatever the colour, they’re cool boxes within rounded upright sides and also incredibly tiny footprints.

That’s when the printer’s closed up. When you open it up for work, the supposed ‘fast-front’ design, which may be quickly, approximately increases the area the equipment tackles the desk. The front cover folds down to become the paper feed tray and the exact same tray is made use of for both plain and photo paper– though not at the same time.

An inner telescopic tray folds down on top, to take the web pages or pictures you print, yet the end of these web pages is sustained by a paper stop which swings out of the front edge of the feed tray, a somewhat convoluted method.

The controls are established right into the leading panel of the Canon PIXMA MG3550 as well as are pretty very little, with LEDs to suggest electrical power, wireless link and ink and paper standing. There’s no LED copy counter, let alone an LCD display, and you’re delegated the Windows or OSX motorist for the majority of features. There’s a button sequence you should use to develop a cordless link with WPS setup, however.

Fold down the front panel, which is behind the flip-down output tray, which is itself behind the flip-down feed tray as well as you get to the twin ink/head cartridges, one black as well as the other tri-colour. These slide into area, within click-to-close bars holding them in position. A solitary cartridge with cyan, magenta and also yellow inks can be inefficient, if you publish photos with a surfeit of specific primaries.

Canon’s software bundle is good for a budget equipment and also includes the service’s desktop pop-up, to display images and also show printer driver and printing statistics. Considering that it installs immediately, though, it’s an excellent job you can remove it, if it irritate.


Online Transportation Business Must Obey The Rules

transportation online
Online taxi rejection often occurs in a number of areas. This is due to the transportation business online has not met the rules that apply both at the central level as well as the region.

If the level of the Centre hold the Minister of transportation Regulation No. 32 2016 on the procurement of public transport or if the area can refer to perguba that regulate public transport.

He said the taxi entrepreneurs online (application-based) true also is engaged in the provision of public transport then the business are required to attend the entire regulations that are also subject to conventional taxi entrepreneurs.

Djoko reminds applications that only a tool to facilitate the consumers get a taxi, but the presence of public transport including transportation-based application (or application company that provides transportation services) must meet the applicable rules. This is to maintain the safety of the community itself and a healthy competition.

Earlier, Transport Minister Budi Karya asked that taxis based application to meet the rules. Many taxis that application has not met the test of kir or eligibility required the Government as a condition for getting a business license. In addition, transportation service providers online also has yet to pay a tax bill that established the Government.

One of the areas that prohibit the operation of the taxi-based applications was Bali that still do raids against taxi transportation-based application via either the Police Department or transportation, or through a joint operation.

The reason of the Bali provincial Government conduct raids against a cab-based application because the taxi-cab does not permit transit pocketed.

Not only in Bali, the rejection of the application-based taxi operation reportedly also occurred in Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Makassar and other cities. So it can be widespread impact so the Government especially the Central Government should be firm in applying regulations.

Rejection of application-based taxi also occurs in many countries. Like the United States, France, United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea, Australia, Beligia, Canada, Netherlands, India and Japan. One of the latest is the Taiwan in early August and then the State investment Commission States would repel the Uber from her country because of perceived wrong defining services.

Fried Ox-Tail Soup, a Tasty Lunch Recipe

ox-tail soup
Fried oxtail is one of the most dogged cuisine is served at lunch. Especially when coupled with gravy soup, spray the dish would be the more “palatable”.

Enjoy the oxtail soup with fried of course does not have to go to expensive restaurants. We can make yourself at home when you know the recipe and how to make it. Here we present a resep sop buntut sapi very delicious and tasty.


10 kg beef oxtail
3 ltr of water
4 tsp salt
5 cloves garlic, mashed
6 cm ginger, memarkan
1/2 tsp pepper powder
8 stalks celery, sliced
1/2 cm fried onions
To taste butter for frying

Subtle seasoning:

90 pieces of onion
7 cloves of garlic
9 segment ginger

Soup broth:

1 1/2 ltr meat bouillon
2 bunch celery, btg
250 gr of carrots, cut round
250 gr potatoes, diced
1 tsp pepper powder
1/4 TSP nutmeg powder
1 tsp salt
btg 2 scallions, cut into round
2 plum tomatoes, cut into 8 parts

How to make:

1. boil the aftermath together with water, salt, garlic, ginger and peppercorns over low heat until just tender oxtail, lift and drain;

2. heat butter, fried oxtail to submerged, until browned, lift and drain;

3. heat 2 tbsp cooking oil, Saute seasoning smooth until aromatic and cooked. Lift and set aside;

4. heat the meat Bouillon, enter the stir fry seasoning, mix well, stir in celery, carrots, and potatoes, Cook until vegetables are cooked. Season to taste with pepper, nutmeg, and salt, mix well, bring to a boil, add the scallions and tomatoes, stir, lift;

5. serve the fried oxtail in a bowl, pour the gravy and celery, sprinkle fried onions

Tempe Orek, Delicious Cuisine and practical Recipes Ramadan

orek tempe
 tempe orek

Tempe Orek is one of the side dishes are very often we encounter everywhere especially in the visited person i.e. Tegal aka Warteg Stalls. Tempe Orek is also the typical cuisine of Indonesia which is a lot of interest to the general public.

Ramadan is also suitable if you’re serving Tempe Orek as one menu or breaking, the way the Suhoor cook it easy and practical to be one of the reasons why cook it very well liked a lot of the community. Below, there is a recipe tasty and delicious tempeh orek are adapted from the website


500 grams of tempe, cut into dice box
4 pieces of red chilli, sliced oblique
4 pieces of green chillies, sliced oblique
2 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
4 grains of red onion, thinly sliced
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp sweet soy sauce
Flavor enhancer to taste
Cooking oil to taste

How to make tempeh orek, namely:

First, heat the oil and then fried tempe until crisp and dry. After it was adopted, drain and set aside in advance.
Next, saute the garlic, onion, red chili and green chillies until fragrant.
Then enter the tempe, salt, flavoring and sweet soy sauce, mix well.
Cook continued to percolate and mature spice

To add a variant of it feels like you could add your own various other materials you might like be it vegetables, meat or other ingredients. If vegetables, you can use a vegetable long beans, cabbage, peanuts shall be. Then if you want to combine it with e.g. meat, you could try with chicken, beef, anchovies, or even more.

Such is the recipe of tempe orek are tasty and delicious.

Garuda Indonesia is Allowed to Fly Again to The United State

garuda indonesia
garuda indonesia

National carrier Garuda Indonesia back allowed flying to United States, as a result of the safety assessment by U.S. aviation safety agency.

The U.S. flight Agency, the FAA determined that after a decade of forbidden to fly to the U.S., Indonesia has been back in category 1, the ranking of the peak of flight safety.

Fast-growing aviation market in Indonesia wracked by a number of fatal accidents, and safety ratings of Garuda alighted in 2007.

Not long ago the European Union has also removed the ban on flying to three airlines, Indonesia Batik Air, Lion Air and Citilink. But the 52 other Indonesia airlines still in the black list of the EU’s transport authority.

Reports said the national carrier Garuda Indonesia could start flights to the United States next year.

Garuda is exploring new routes service from Jakarta to New York or Los Angeles, the report said.

India and the Philippines also returned to category 1 status in the last few years, otherwise Thailand thus derived its status last December.

Honda CBR250RR Open Inden, sales of Kawasaki Ninja 250 Injection Even Ride

honda cbr250rr
Honda CBR250RR

Finally the All New Honda CBR250RR officially launched by PT Astra Honda Motor. The production version looks versatile look sharp.

Range of advanced technology embedded on this bike. One such technology is Ride-by-Wire. Technology that might be similar to technology on Honda cars, where the gas openings settings controlled by computer and not using the cable.

There is also a have LED lights on the main lights brake lights in front and behind. Suspension front carry upside down, while a single rear, with front and rear disc brakes are powered ABS. This Motorsport would be sold with the price is approximately i.e. Harga Honda CBR250RR Rp 63-68 million for the standard Variant.

While type CBR250RR ABS be stripped at Rp 69-74 million. This price does indeed have yet to fix, but hopefully the outcome of tomorrow’s session of the cartel could make prices CBR250RR became cheaper.

However Although All New Honda CBR250RR officially came in, sales of Kawasaki Ninja 250 is claimed are not affected. Even last month’s number of sales in retail increased quite significantly, it described Deputy Head Sales Promotion Department PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia, Michael Tjandra Tanadi.

There has been no effect Yes, we thus see the Ninja 250 sales remained stable. Even last June in the Ninja 250 retail mannerisms until 1,500 units. Even admitted his side was considering to increase the amount of exports to Indonesia 250 Ninja.

He acknowledges the decline since the national motorcycle market in 2015 and then, import quotas adapted to consumer demand. As it turns out, the unit was nearing the number of 1,500 sales by 2014 when the market 250 cc are ramai-ramainya.

If the views of Indonesia Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI), the Ninja 250 the total sales from January to June 2016 reached 8,864 unit, tighten it as motor sport 250 cc bestsellers at the moment. As a comparison the Yamaha YZF-R25 during the same period only 4,076 unit

We remain confident with this product. In the design community, we also are very strong, refreshing plan does not cover the Ninja 250 in the near future.

When looking back, Ninja 250 injection was already 5 years since the first was released earlier, 2011 next year may be the one direfresh. Curious right?

Padang Sauce Crab Recipes, Delicious Dishes For Dinner


Usually seafood menu is more frequently encountered in the evening. But the menu is seafood one is also ideal when consumed during the day. Who the hell doesn’t like crabs? There may be a less painstaking by way of elaborate dining, but for taste, arguably his King crab seafood.

One of the popular crab menu is the Crab Sauce Padang. If you want to try to make it yourself at home can kok. The following  presents resep kepiting saus tiram in below.


2 crab egg tail/male
2 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tbsp tomato ketchup
2 tbsp chilli sauce
150 ml water/broth seafood (crab boiled water)
1 tsp pepper powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp chicken bouillon powder
1 leek, sliced angle
1 tsp granulated sugar
3 pieces of bay leaf
5 pieces of Orange leaves
1 liter of water to boil
5 tbsp cooking oil
1 egg, beaten off

Subtle seasoning

5 grains of red onion
3 cloves garlic
5 pieces red cayenne pepper
2 cm ginger
1 segment of Saffron, roasted
3 roasted pecans, grains
curling chilli 10 pieces
2 tbsp minced red chili

How to make:

1. prepare the pot then simmer until cooked crab and changed color to orange. Lifting and dividing the corresponding sides;

2. next prepare a skillet, heat oil and then Saute seasoning smooth together onion, bay leaf and lime leaves until fragrant foul;

3. Then enter the remaining crab and all the ingredients including egg whisk, mix well. Then cook until gravy thickens and pervasive spices. Lift.

China’s Futuristic Transport Trial in Qinhuangdao

China has been struggling to cope with the traffic problems for years now, with one of the more bizarre solution with “bus drift” straddling the street and gliding above traffic while other vehicles passing underneath. The so-called Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) is shown in the form of the model in may at the Beijing International High-Tech Expo, but now China has built a full scale, working model, and has begun test runs in the northeastern city of Tangshan.

TEB-1 is not quite ready, so for now it is being limited to 300 m test-track, Shanghaiist reports. 7.7 meters wide test train can carry 300 passengers, although this will be linked in real-world deployments to carry around up to 1,200 people at once. Prospective passengers can now get a glimpse of what it would be like to ride in a futuristic electric tram-bus.

On open roads, the TEB will be out around 40mph while sailing about five meters above the road. Engineers claim the system is much cheaper than building a new underground train – less than a fifth of the cost – and can also be built much faster due to the fact it will run on top of the existing infrastructure.

While TEB who should have no problems sliding on top of cars and vans, what will happen when faced with a big truck or trucks are still unclear. Presumably there will be dedicated lanes for cars and Tebs and separate for a larger vehicle.

Xinhua News Agency reported that TEB has attracted interest from Brazil, France, India and Indonesia. Meanwhile in Europe, Norway is considering a proposal to build a “float” the underwater tunnel that will allow vehicles to cut through the many channels of water.

Honda CBR250RR 2016 Indonesia Officially Released

honda cbr250rr
In accordance with his promise, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) officially released his new motorcycle. This product was Honda CBR250RR already awaited by the public long ago. Motor sport is powered by a two cylinder 250cc it has indeed long enough to make the public curious, especially after Honda introduced a concept version in its home country, Japan.

The procession of the launch, at once became a world premiere or the first time in the world this is done in the Ciputera Artpreneur and was attended by more than 1,000 people. Starting from internal PT AHM as agent for the holder of trademark (APM), the representative of Indonesia at the Honda dealer, vendor part and journalist. What kind of face the latest Honda CBR250RR?

See how it looks, overall is similar to the concept or the teaser version already released by Honda some time ago. Design body is made versatile sharp who became Indonesia’s consumer tastes. The concept is to offer total control and speed shape.

Large Project Leader Honda Motorcycle R&D, Kenji Kawai explained that the character of the engine from the chassis and also determined the design of the body.

Part order made smaller in the middle to create a more comfortable sitting position and strengthen design. In explained Then front suspension Honda CBr250RR already upside down from the 37 mm Showa and using aluminum swing arm with the process of with gravity die casting dies and pro-link. This combination will to reduce the moment of inertia.

For the sector rely on wheels rims 7 cross designed similar wheel rims Marchesini in MotoGP. While the rear tire has a size of 140/70-17.

A good frame is also believed to be able to give a good contributor on a machine. The kitchen sector runway carrying the two cylinder 250cc capacity with DOHC and radiator. This machine was developed by engineer from Japan and Indonesia.

There are also technology Throttle by wire that work using the accelerator position sensor. New motorcycle CBR250RR also has a riding mode selector or riding mode. This feature had previously been predicted were present at the motor.